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First Central Jail in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is a diverse state in India known for its unique culture and traditions. It is the fourth largest state in the country, covering an area of 240,928 square kilometers. Over the years, efforts have been made to control crime in the state, including the construction of several jails. Among these, there is a notable first central jail in Uttar Pradesh. This article explores its history and significance.

Total Number of Jails in Uttar Pradesh

Before diving into the specifics of the first central jail, it’s important to understand the overall jail system in Uttar Pradesh. The state has a total of 73 jails, ranging from small to large facilities where criminals are held. These jails are scattered across different districts, serving as correctional facilities for various types of offenders.

Central Jails in Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh has a total of 8 central jails. These jails are located in seven districts: Agra, Bareilly, Fatehgarh, Naini, Varanasi, Lucknow, and Etawah. Notably, Bareilly district has two central jails, while each of the other districts has one central jail.

District-wise Jail Distribution

In addition to central jails, there are 62 district jails across Uttar Pradesh. This distribution allows for the effective management and rehabilitation of criminals within the state. Different districts have their own jails where local offenders are housed.

The First Central Jail in Uttar Pradesh

The first central jail in Uttar Pradesh is the Agra Jail. Established during the British era in 1884, this jail holds historical significance. It was the first facility of its kind in the state, marking the beginning of a more structured approach to handling crime and punishment.

Agra Central Jail and Carpet Weaving

Agra Central Jail is not just a prison; it is also known for its skilled weavers. Since before India’s independence, this jail has been a center for high-quality carpet weaving. In fact, in 1877, a carpet made here was gifted to Queen Victoria. The jail continues to be recognized for its exceptional carpet weaving craftsmanship.

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