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Goa and World Bank Launch Pioneering Climate Finance Facility

The Government of Goa has unveiled plans for a pioneering Blended Finance facility in collaboration with the World Bank. This initiative marks a significant step towards climate-focused financing at a subnational level, aiming to bolster Goa’s resilience to the challenges posed by climate change.

Introduction to Blended Finance Facility

  • Inception: Announced during the 2024 edition of the World Bank’s India Climate and Development Partners’ Meet.

  • Objective: To facilitate access to concessional finance for low-carbon and climate-resilient investments in Goa.
  • Scope: Multi-sectoral approach targeting diverse areas vulnerable to climate change impacts.

Operational Mechanisms

  • Funding Allocation: Assisting both funded projects and directing financing towards sectors lacking funding.
  • Bridging Financial Gaps: Acting as a vital link between green financing mechanisms and domestic capital markets.
  • Private Sector Engagement: Attracting private capital investments for climate action through innovative financing structures.

Integration and Sustainability

  • Carbon Market Integration: Harnessing carbon markets and green credits to ensure sustainable operation.
  • Continuous Funding: Strategies in place for continuous re-capitalization to support ongoing climate resilience efforts.

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