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Google Collaborates with ECI for Voter Information and Combats Misinformation Ahead of Elections

Google has partnered with the Election Commission of India (ECI) to provide authoritative information on voting processes for the upcoming general elections. Through Google Search and YouTube videos, voters will be able to access critical details on how to register and vote, as well as information about candidates.

Combating Misinformation with Shakti Initiative

In separate initiatives, Google has taken new measures to combat misinformation and help people navigate AI-generated content during the upcoming election season. One of these measures is Google’s collaboration with Shakti, the India Election Fact-Checking Collective.

Shakti: A Consortium of Fact-Checkers

Shakti is a pan-India network comprising news publishers and fact-checkers. Google and Shakti will work together to aid in the detection of online misinformation, including deepfakes, and to create a common repository that news publishers can use to tackle misinformation challenges at scale.

Training and Tools for Fact-Checkers

The Shakti project will provide news organizations and fact-checkers with essential training in advanced fact-checking methodologies, deepfake detection, and the latest Google tools like the Fact Check Explorer. This will help streamline verification processes and enhance the ability to combat misinformation effectively.

Labeling Synthetic Content on YouTube

As part of the new measures, YouTube will soon ensure that all synthetic content gets labeled. Google has already started displaying labels for content created with YouTube’s generative AI features like Dream Screen. Additionally, YouTube will begin requiring creators to disclose when they have created realistic, altered, or synthetic content, and will display labels indicating when viewers are watching such content.

Restrictions on Election-Related Queries for Generative AI

Out of an abundance of caution regarding its Generative AI products, such as Gemini, Google has begun to roll out restrictions on the types of election-related queries for which Gemini will return responses. This step is taken to ensure the provision of high-quality information for such queries.

Ongoing Commitment to Election Integrity

Google’s initiatives outlined in the latest blogpost build on the work it does around elections in other countries and regions. The tech giant has reiterated its commitment to working with government, industry, and civil society to surface and connect voters to authoritative and helpful information online.

Through these measures, Google aims to combat misinformation, promote transparency, and ensure that voters have access to reliable and accurate information during the upcoming general elections in India.

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  • Google Founders: Larry Page, Sergey Brin;
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