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Government of India, ADB sign $181 million loan to improve livability and mobility in Ahmedabad

India and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) have collaboratively signed a $181 million loan agreement targeting the improvement of infrastructure and services in the peri-urban areas surrounding Ahmedabad city in Gujarat.

Government of India and ADB Partner to Enhance Urban Livability and Mobility in Ahmedabad TAXCONCEPT

Objectives and Focus Areas:

1. Enhancing Physical and Social Infrastructure:

  • Improving physical and social infrastructure in peri-urban areas.
  • Fostering economic vibrancy and establishing them as attractive investment destinations.

2. Managing Urban Expansion Effectively:

  • Addressing the unique opportunity presented by Ahmedabad’s economic growth.
  • Focus on expanding quality urban services and improving transport connectivity, especially for the migrant population.

3. Uplifting Marginalized Communities:

  • Prioritizing marginalized communities including urban poor, women, and migrant workers.
  • Construction of essential infrastructure to improve urban services and governance while promoting inclusivity and sustainability.

Strategies and Implementation:

1. Integrating Climate Change Adaptation:

  • Strengthening urban planning capacities by integrating climate change adaptation into development strategies.
  • Promoting gender equality and social inclusion to create models for planned urban development.

2. Capacity Building and Empowerment:

  • Empowering government agencies through capacity-building initiatives.
  • Enhancing financial planning, revenue generation, and infrastructure asset management.

3. Community Engagement and Behavioral Change:

  • Conducting community engagement activities such as awareness campaigns on water conservation and hygiene.
  • Instilling behavioral change and promoting sustainable practices.

Innovative Approaches:

1. Involvement of Women Self-Help Groups:

  • Engaging women self-help groups in water supply operations.
  • Fostering economic empowerment and social cohesion.

2. Exploration of Public-Private Partnerships:

  • Exploring innovative avenues for sewage recycling through public-private partnerships.
  • Furthering sustainable resource management practices.


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