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Govt Panel Recommends Banning Diesel 4-Wheeler Vehicles by 2027

Govt Panel Recommends Banning Diesel 4-Wheeler Vehicles by 2027: Report

A Report initiated by the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas in India has proposed prohibiting the usage of diesel-fueled four-wheeled vehicles in cities with a population exceeding 10 lakhs by 2027, and instead, promoting electric and gas-based vehicles. The panel, led by former Oil Secretary Tarun Kapoor, also recommended gradually phasing out motorcycles, scooters, and three-wheelers with internal combustion engines by 2035.

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The report suggested a ban on adding diesel city buses in urban areas in roughly a decade. The panel proposed that passenger cars and taxis, categorized as four-wheelers, should partly transition to electric and partly to ethanol-blended petrol, with an approximately 50 percent share in each category.

Govt Panel Recommends Banning Diesel 4-Wheeler Vehicles by 2027: Key Points

  • The report proposed several recommendations to help India achieve its goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2070.
  • In addition to banning diesel-powered vehicles, the report suggested that only electric-powered city delivery vehicles be allowed from 2024 and no non-electric city buses be added after 2030.
  • The report also recommended increasing the use of natural gas, which is less polluting than diesel, in industries and automobiles, and increasing its share in the energy mix to 15 percent by 2030.
  • The report suggested transitioning to electric vehicles, with compressed natural gas (CNG) used as a transition fuel for the next 10-15 years.
  • The report recommended promoting the use of railways and gas-powered trucks for cargo transportation.
  • The report also recommended extending the FAME scheme to accelerate electric vehicle production and adoption in the country.
  • The report suggested that EVs be promoted as the optimal solution for phasing out internal combustion engine two/three-wheel vehicles by 2035, with policy support for increasing the blend ratio of ethanol-blended fuel in the intermediate period.
  • While the Indian government has not yet accepted the report, these recommendations may be helpful in achieving India’s emissions reduction goals.

The report highlighted that the pace of change in the use of fossil fuels mainly relies on the adoption of electric vehicles in the automotive industry. If there is a rapid shift towards electric vehicles, which is enforced by policies, it will lead to a faster conversion of refineries to produce renewable energy and biofuels, and result in a decrease in the overall amount of carbon emissions.

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