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Gyanodaya Express to Revolutionize Education in J&K : LG Manoj Sinha


In a groundbreaking initiative, Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor, Manoj Sinha, flagged off the Gyanodaya Express from the Katra railway station in Reasi district. This unique project, also known as the “College on Wheels,” aims to empower approximately 700 girl students from universities in the Union Territory. The initiative is set to revolutionize education by providing immersive and collaborative learning experiences beyond traditional classroom boundaries.

The Vision Behind Gyanodaya Express

Terming it an “educational pilgrimage,” LG Sinha emphasized the initiative’s goal to dissolve boundaries of classrooms and streams. The Gyanodaya Express seeks to evolve education by fostering immersive, collaborative and project-based learning experiences for students, setting a precedent for innovative educational endeavors in Jammu and Kashmir.

Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi

The Gyanodaya Express draws inspiration from the life of Mahatma Gandhi, who embarked on an epic train journey across the country, interacting with people from diverse backgrounds. The initiative aligns with Gandhi’s principles of Satya and Ahimsa (Truth and Non-violence), aiming to awaken society with universal and eternal values.

Journey of Empowerment

The Gyanodaya Express is not just mode of transportation; it serves as a transformative journey for the participating students. As they travel through different states, the students, accompanied by mentors, will have the opportunity to visit centers of excellence such as the Indian Navy, ISRO and Sabarmati Ashram. This exposure is designed to provide them with new ideas, insights and hands-on knowledge, fostering a spirit of curiosity and innovation.

Collaboration with Centers of Excellence

The inclusion of visits to renowned institutions like the Indian Navy and ISRO highlights the initiative’s commitment to offering practical exposure to the students. By interacting with professionals and witnessing cutting-edge work, the students can gain valuable insights, encouraging them to explore new avenues in research and development.

Educational Endeavor Beyond Borders

The Gyanodaya Express represents a pioneering step towards redefining the conventional approach to education. By taking education beyond the confines of traditional classrooms, this initiative promotes a holistic and experimental learning environment, aligning with contemporary educational needs.

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