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Hero MotoCorp’s facility wins CII National Award for water management

Hero MotoCorp, the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer, has made significant waves in water conservation, bagging the CII National Award for Excellence in Water Management and setting an ambitious goal to become 500% water positive by 2025.

Championing ‘Within the Fence’ Water Management:

Hero MotoCorp’s Gurugram facility emerged victorious in the ‘Within the Fence’ category of the CII award, highlighting its exceptional water management practices within its manufacturing operations. This recognition underscores the company’s commitment to reducing water consumption and wastage within its own premises.

Saving Millions, Striving for More:

Currently, Hero MotoCorp boasts an impressive annual water saving of nearly 3.8 million kiloliters. This translates to a monumental effort and demonstrates the company’s dedication to resource efficiency. But Hero MotoCorp isn’t stopping there. They are actively pursuing their ambitious goal of becoming 500% water positive by 2025, aiming to give back more water to the environment than they consume.

Holistic Approach: Reduce, Recycle, Recover, Recharge

Hero MotoCorp’s water stewardship philosophy goes beyond mere reduction. They implement a comprehensive approach encompassing four key pillars:

  • Reduce: Utilizing innovative techniques like replacing RO filtration with Ultra Filtration (UF) and adopting cascading rinsing over continuous rinsing, the company minimizes water usage from the outset.
  • Recycle: Machine RO reject water finds new life in cooling towers, ensuring maximum resource utilization. Enhanced efficiency in DM and RO plants further optimizes water recycling efforts.
  • Recover: Domestic and process water are diligently recycled, minimizing reliance on freshwater sources.
  • Recharge: 34 recharge shafts located within the plant premises contribute to replenishing groundwater reserves, promoting long-term water security.

Beyond the Fence: Extending a Helping Hand

Hero MotoCorp’s commitment to water sustainability extends beyond its own operations. The company actively engages in facilitating access to water for communities surrounding its facilities, further solidifying its role as a responsible corporate citizen.

Important Questions Related to Exams

1. Which award did Hero MotoCorp win for its water management initiatives?

(a) National Water Conservation Award
(b) CII National Award for Excellence in Water Management
(c) Green Manufacturing Award
(d) All of the above

2. Approximately how much water does Hero MotoCorp save annually?

(a) 1 million kiloliters
(b) 3.8 million kiloliters
(c) 10 million kiloliters
(d) Cannot be determined from the given information

3. What is Hero MotoCorp’s ambitious goal for water positivity by 2025?

(a) Become 100% water positive
(b) Become 200% water positive
(c) Become 500% water positive
(d) Eliminate all water waste

4. Which innovative technique does Hero MotoCorp use to minimize water usage in its manufacturing process?

(a) Reverse Osmosis filtration
(b) Ultra Filtration (UF)
(c) Solar-powered water heaters
(d) Drip irrigation systems

5. How does Hero MotoCorp contribute to community water sustainability?

(a) By partnering with local NGOs for water purification projects
(b) By constructing and maintaining public water wells
(c) By offering water conservation training programs
(d) All of the above

Kindly share your responses in the comment section.

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