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India and Nepal Convene for the 17th Edition of Joint Military Exercise SURYA KIRAN

The 17th edition of the Joint Military Exercise SURYA KIRAN is set to strengthen the longstanding ties between India and Nepal as military contingents from both nations converge in Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand, for this annual event. The exercise, scheduled from 24th November to 7th December 2023, alternates between the two countries, underscoring their commitment to mutual cooperation.

Participating Forces:

The Nepal Army contingent, comprising 334 personnel, has arrived in India for this collaborative endeavor. Represented by the Tara Dal Battalion, they join hands with the Indian Army contingent of 354 personnel, led by a Battalion from the esteemed KUMAON Regiment.

Objectives and Focus Areas

The primary aim of SURYA KIRAN is to enhance interoperability in specific military domains. The exercise will particularly focus on jungle warfare, counter-terrorism operations in mountainous terrain, and Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) operations under the United Nations Charter for peacekeeping missions. Notably, the troops will engage in activities involving the deployment of drones and counter-drone measures, medical training, aviation aspects, and environmental conservation.

Operational Capabilities and Coordination

Through these diverse activities, participating troops aim to augment their operational capabilities, refine combat skills, and strengthen coordination in challenging situations. The emphasis on modern aspects such as drone deployment underscores the exercise’s commitment to staying abreast of contemporary military strategies and technologies.

Cultural Exchange and Understanding

Beyond the military maneuvers, SURYA KIRAN serves as a platform for soldiers from India and Nepal to exchange ideas, share experiences, and foster a deeper understanding of each other’s operational procedures. This cultural exchange enhances camaraderie, contributing to the creation of a shared operational language between the two nations.

Symbolizing Strong Bonds

The exercise symbolizes the robust bonds of friendship, trust, and common cultural linkages that exist between India and Nepal. It goes beyond military cooperation, setting the stage for productive and fruitful engagement. SURYA KIRAN is a testament to the unwavering commitment of both nations to broader defense cooperation, showcasing their shared dedication to achieving common security objectives.


As the 17th edition of SURYA KIRAN unfolds against the picturesque backdrop of Pithoragarh, it not only enhances the military capabilities of India and Nepal but also serves as a diplomatic bridge, fostering bilateral relations and showcasing the enduring friendship between these two friendly neighbors. The exercise marks another chapter in the history of collaborative defense efforts, contributing to regional stability and security.

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