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India Approves Acquisition Of BrahMos Extended Range Supersonic Cruise Missiles For Navy

The Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) has approved the acquisition of over 200 BrahMos Extended Range (ER) supersonic cruise missiles for deployment on Indian Navy warships. The deal, valued at ₹19,000 crore, signifies a significant step towards bolstering India’s naval capabilities.

Approval by CCS

  • The deal worth ₹19,000 crore received approval from the CCS. This approval underscores the government’s commitment to enhancing the defense capabilities of the Indian Navy.
  • A formal agreement between BrahMos Aerospace and the Ministry of Defence (MoD) is anticipated to be signed early next month to initiate the process of inducting these weapons into the Indian Navy.

Enhanced Capabilities

  • The BrahMos ER variant boasts an extended range of 400 to 500 km, significantly augmenting the Navy’s operational reach. Recent successful tests of the supersonic cruise missile from Indian Navy vessels in the Bay of Bengal reaffirmed its efficacy.
  • Compared to its predecessor with a range of nearly 300 km, the ER variant not only covers more distance but also offers enhanced precision, according to naval experts.

Previous Orders and Deployments

  • The Indian Navy’s decision to procure 200 BrahMos missiles adds to its existing arsenal, which includes the previous version of the missile.
  • Additionally, the Indian Air Force (IAF) and the Army have previously placed orders for the BrahMos missile, further highlighting its versatility and widespread deployment across different branches of the Indian Armed Forces.

Successful Test Launches

  • The successful test launches of all three variants of the extended BrahMos missiles, conducted from various platforms including land, air, ships, and submarines since last October, underscore the missile’s reliability and adaptability across diverse operational scenarios.

International Interest

  • Beyond India’s borders, countries in Southeast Asia and the Middle East have expressed interest in acquiring the BrahMos missile system.
  • The recent deal with the Philippines, valued at $375 million, signifies the growing international demand for this weapon.
  • Such collaborations not only strengthen India’s defense ties but also position BrahMos Aerospace as a key player in the global defense market.

Indigenous Capability and Future Prospects

  • Atul Rane, Chairperson of BrahMos Aerospace, has highlighted the project’s significant progress towards achieving 75% indigenous capability.
  • With ambitious sales targets of $5 billion by 2025, the BrahMos project exemplifies India’s prowess in defense manufacturing and its potential to emerge as a major exporter of defense equipment.

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