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India Dispatches Second Round Of Aid To Gaza Amidst Israel-Hamas Conflict


India has once again demonstrated its commitment to providing humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip amidst the escalating conflict between Israeli forces and Hamas terrorists.

India’s Second Humanitarian Endeavor: 32 Tonnes of Aid En Route to Gaza

  • The second batch of aid, carried by the Indian Air Force’s C17 aircraft, comprises 32 tonnes of essential supplies.
  • The aircraft is destined for the El-Arish Airport in Egypt, approximately 45km away from the Rafah crossing, the sole entry point for humanitarian aid into Gaza.

India’s Initial Humanitarian Effort: A Lifeline for Palestinians in Crisis

  • This initiative follows India’s earlier contribution on October 22, where the country sent the first batch of aid, including 6.5 tonnes of medical assistance and 32 tonnes of disaster relief materials.
  • The aid encompassed life-saving medicines, surgical items, tents, sleeping bags, tarpaulins, sanitary utilities, and water purification tablets, addressing the urgent needs of the Palestinians affected by the ongoing conflict.

Gaza’s Largest Hospital Struggles Amid Conflict

  • The conflict’s toll on Gaza has been particularly devastating, with Al-Shifa, the largest hospital in the region, facing significant challenges in maintaining operations.
  • The Hamas health ministry in Gaza reported numerous fatalities at the hospital attributed to power cuts resulting from fuel shortages.
  • Israel’s evacuation order on Saturday added to the strain, with the military claiming to have uncovered a Hamas tunnel shaft and a vehicle with weapons during a recent search of the hospital complex.

Alarming Assessment of Al-Shifa: A “Death Zone” Amid Ongoing Conflict

  • An assessment conducted by a team led by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and other UN officials described Al-Shifa as a “death zone.”
  • Despite efforts to evacuate several patients, a UN team revealed on Sunday that approximately 291 patients, including 32 critically ill babies, remained at the hospital.

Israel’s Intensified Retaliatory Strikes in the Seventh Week of Conflict

  • The conflict between Israeli forces and Hamas has entered its seventh week, marked by Israel’s escalated retaliatory strikes on Gaza.
  • This intensified response follows the Hamas attack on October 7, resulting in the tragic loss of over 12,000 Israeli lives.
  • The ongoing conflict has not only raised concerns about the immediate humanitarian situation but has also brought attention to the critical need for international support to alleviate the suffering of those caught in the crossfire.

India’s Enduring Commitment: A Beacon of Solidarity Amidst Gaza’s Crisis

  • India’s consistent efforts to provide aid underscore the global call for solidarity in addressing the urgent humanitarian needs arising from the conflict in the region.
  • As the situation unfolds, the international community continues to monitor and respond to the evolving challenges faced by the people of Gaza.

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