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India Sends Sacred Relics of Buddha to Thailand

In a significant event that marks a deep connection between India and Thailand, four revered relics of Lord Buddha and his disciples have arrived in Bangkok, Thailand, accompanied by a delegation from India. The delegation, led by Governor of Bihar Shri Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar and Union Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment Dr. Virendra Kumar, includes esteemed monks, officials, curators, artists, and scholars.

Warm Reception in Thailand

The holy relics were received with great reverence and ceremony at Bangkok Military Airport by H.E Mr. Sermsak Pongpanit, Minister of Culture, Royal Thai Government, and other dignitaries. A heartfelt chanting ceremony and warm hospitality welcomed the relics to their temporary home at the National Museum, Bangkok, before being enshrined in a grand mandapam at Sanam Luang Pavilion on 23rd February. People can pay their respects starting from Makha Bucha Day onwards.

Historic Showcase of Relics

These relics, including those of Lord Buddha and his esteemed disciples, Arahata Sariputra and Arahata Maudgalyayana, are part of a special exhibition organized by the Ministry of External Affairs, Indian Embassy in Thailand, International Buddhist Confederation, National Museum, and the State Government of Madhya Pradesh. This marks the first time these relics will be showcased together, adding to the historic significance of the event.

Exhibition Itinerary

The exhibition will travel to various venues across Thailand, providing devotees and enthusiasts with the opportunity to pay homage to these sacred artifacts:

Sanam Luang Pavilion, Bangkok: 22nd February 2024 – 3rd March 2024 (11 Days)
Ho Kum Luang, Royal Rujapruek, Chiang Mai: 4th March 2024 – 8th March 2024 (5 Days)
Wat Maha Wanaram, Ubon Ratchathani: 9th March 2024 – 13th March 2024 (5 Days)
Wat MahaThat, Aoluek, Krabi: 14th March 2024 – 18th March 2024 (5 Days)

The exhibition will conclude on 19th March, with the relics returning to their respective homes, marking the end of a historic and spiritually enriching journey in Thailand.


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