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India Skills Report 2022 : Maharashtra Retains Top Position

India Skills Report 2022: Maharashtra Retains Top Position_4.1

The 9th edition of India Skills Report (ISR) 2022, released by Wheebox, Maharashtra has retained the top position in the list of states with the highest poll of employable talent followed by Uttar Pradesh and Kerala. The theme of ISR 2022 – ‘Rebuilding and Reengineering the Future of Work’.  India Skills Report is a full-fledged report about the future of work, education, and skilling to match the talent demand and supply in a growing India.

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States with Maximum Hiring Activity:

  • Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu are the 3 states that have a higher job demand.
  • Pune is the city with the most highly employable resources with 78% of the test takers scoring above 60 per cent.

Top 5 States with Highest Employability:

Rank State Employability %
1 Maharashtra 66.1
2 Uttar Pradesh 65.2
3 Kerala 64.2
4 West Bengal 63.8
5 Karnataka 59.3

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India Skills Report 2022: Maharashtra Retains Top Position_5.1

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