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India Unveils Indigenous Light Tank ‘Zorawar’

India has unveiled the ‘Zorawar’ light tank, developed jointly by DRDO and Larsen & Toubro, aimed at bolstering military capabilities in high-altitude environments. Designed within a record two-year timeframe, the tank features advanced weaponry and protection systems, including a 105mm rifled cannon and composite modular armor. Named after General Zorawar Singh, the tank is slated for extensive trials before potential deployment in Ladakh, Sikkim, or Kashmir.

Development and Features

The ‘Zorawar’ tank, powered initially by a 750 HP Cummins engine with plans for a domestic replacement, boasts a sophisticated turret from John Cockerill with electro-optical cameras and anti-tank guided missiles. It integrates advanced systems like a Remote-Controlled Weapon system (RCWS) and is designed for amphibious operations, enhancing maneuverability across varied terrains.

Strategic Significance

Developed in response to strategic needs highlighted during the Galwan Valley standoff, the ‘Zorawar’ aims to augment Indian military presence in challenging terrains. With ongoing trials and further development projected until 2027, the tank represents a critical step towards indigenization and modernization of India’s defense capabilities.

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