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Indiabulls Housing Finance Rebrands as Sammaan Capital Limited

Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd has undergone a transformation, rebranding itself to Sammaan Capital Ltd. This change reflects its shift from a promoter-led entity to a board-run, diversified financial institution. The rebranding, effective upon receipt of regulatory approvals, marks a significant milestone in the company’s 25-year journey since its inception as Indiabulls Financial Services Limited in 2000.

Transformation and Governance Shift

The company’s evolution includes significant governance reforms, with former RBI Deputy Governor S.S. Mundra assuming the role of Independent Chairman in 2020. Independent directors with expertise relevant to the business have bolstered oversight, while the erstwhile promoter has completely divested his stake, enhancing board independence and oversight capabilities.

Business Focus and Strategy

Sammaan Capital will maintain a retail-focused approach, specializing in affordable home loans and mortgage-backed loans for micro, medium, and small businesses. Emphasizing an asset-light model, the company aims for Asset Under Management (AUM) growth through strategic partnerships in loan origination and co-lending arrangements with banks and financial institutions.

Operational Integration and Future Outlook

The company plans to swiftly integrate its new identity across operations, including branches, website, and marketing materials. Customer engagement initiatives will underscore the rebranding, aligning with strategic objectives aimed at enhancing Return on Equity (RoE) through sustainable business growth in the retail segment.

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