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India’s First Long-Range Revolver ‘Prabal’ To Be Launched On August 18

In a significant stride towards indigenous manufacturing and innovation, the state-owned company Advanced Weapons and Equipment India Limited (AWEIL), based in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, is all set to unveil ‘Prabal‘, India’s first long-range revolver. The launch date is marked for August 18, ushering in a new era of personal defense firearms.

Revolutionizing Firearm Design: Prabal’s Unique Features

  • Designed and manufactured by AWEIL, this lightweight 32 bore revolver boasts an exceptional range, capable of accurately hitting targets up to 50 meters away. This remarkable range is more than double that of other revolvers currently in production, establishing Prabal as a frontrunner in the field of long-range handguns.
  • A remarkable feature that sets Prabal apart from its counterparts is the incorporation of a side swing cylinder. This innovative design element eliminates the need to fold the firearm for cartridge insertion, simplifying the reloading process and enhancing user convenience.
  • With a mere weight of 700 grams (excluding cartridges), a barrel length of 76 mm, and an overall length of 177.6 mm, Prabal is ergonomically designed for ease of use. Its trigger pull is designed to be effortless, enabling a wide range of individuals, including women, to handle it confidently.

Accessible and Compliant: Prabal’s Licensing and Availability

A key aspect of the Prabal revolver’s launch is its accessibility to civilians with the requisite license. As the booking window for Prabal opens on August 18, individuals can secure their own Prabal revolvers. This move not only boosts domestic manufacturing but also offers citizens a dependable tool for self-defense, reinforcing the importance of personal safety.

AWEIL: Pioneering Defense Manufacturing in India

  • Founded in 2021, Advanced Weapons and Equipment India Limited (AWEIL) is a government-owned entity located in the Armapur locality of Kanpur.
  • Comprising eight factories from the former Ordnance Factory Board (OFB), AWEIL plays a pivotal role in producing defense products for various applications.
  • With a focus on manufacturing small arms and artillery guns, AWEIL serves the needs of the Indian Armed Forces, foreign military entities, and domestic civilian markets.
  • The company’s exceptional capabilities are evident through its recent accomplishment—an order valued at Rs 6,000 crore to manufacture defense products, including 300 ‘Sarang’ cannons for the Indian Army and contracts totaling Rs 450 crore from European countries.

Key takeaways for competitive examinations

  • Direrctor of Advanced Weapons and Equipment India Limited (AWEIL): A.K Maurya

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India's first long-range revolver 'Prabal' to be launched on August 18_4.1

India's first long-range revolver 'Prabal' to be launched on August 18_5.1