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India’s Industrial Output Slows to 4.9% in March 2024 Amid Declining Mining Sector

India’s Index of Industrial Production (IIP) recorded a growth rate of 4.9% in March 2024, showing a slight slowdown primarily attributed to a faltering mining sector. This decline follows a robust 5.6% growth in February 2024 and contrasts sharply with the 1.9% growth seen in March 2023.

Sectoral Performance Overview

The mining sector experienced a significant deceleration with growth plummeting to 1.2% in March 2024 from 6.8% in the same month a year ago. Meanwhile, the manufacturing sector showed resilience, accelerating to 5.2% growth compared to 1.5% in March 2023. Electricity generation surged by 8.6%, marking a recovery from a 1.6% contraction in March of the previous year.

Key Contributors to Manufacturing Growth

Key drivers within the manufacturing sector included the manufacture of basic metals (7.7% growth), pharmaceuticals (16.7% growth), and other transport equipment (25.4% growth). These segments significantly contributed to the overall industrial output expansion in March 2024.

End Use Classification

Segmenting by the end use of goods, primary goods output rose by 2.5%, capital goods by 6.1%, intermediate goods by 5.1%, and infrastructure and construction goods by 6.9%. However, consumer non-durable goods output saw a decline of 4.9%, contrasting with a 9.5% rise in consumer durables output.

Economic Insights and Outlook

Economists point out that the slowdown in industrial production growth reflects the waning effect of previous favorable conditions, notably the leap-year effect. Despite challenges in the mining sector, the uptick in manufacturing and electricity generation suggests some resilience in India’s industrial landscape, albeit with varying sectoral performances.

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