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India’s Refusal to Sign Ukraine Declaration at Swiss Conference

At the recent Summit on Peace in Ukraine hosted by Switzerland, India opted not to sign the final communique alongside several other nations. This decision stemmed from India’s strategic relationship with Russia, its primary defense supplier, and Moscow’s absence from the summit, which India deemed crucial for any lasting peace agreement involving Ukraine.

Reasons Behind India’s Decision

India’s abstention was rooted in its belief that sustainable peace in Ukraine requires a solution acceptable to all parties involved, including Russia. With Russia absent from the summit, India expressed reservations about endorsing a communique that didn’t reflect Moscow’s perspective, crucial for achieving lasting stability in the region.

India’s Diplomatic Position

Represented by Secretary (West) Pavan Kapoor from the Ministry of External Affairs, India emphasized the need for dialogue and diplomacy involving all stakeholders to resolve the Ukraine conflict effectively. This stance underscored India’s cautious diplomatic approach amidst the ongoing war and its broader geopolitical considerations.

Global Response and Summit Outcomes

Over 80 countries and four international organizations supported the summit’s communique, emphasizing Ukraine’s territorial integrity and the peaceful resolution of conflicts through international law principles. The absence of key players like Russia and China, coupled with India’s stance, highlighted the complexities and challenges in achieving consensus on the Ukrainian crisis at an international level.

Swiss Conference on Peace in Ukraine: Key Points


Hosted by Switzerland on June 15-16, 2024, to address the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.


Over 90 countries participated, including representatives from Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

 Communique Highlights

Emphasized support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity.

Called for peaceful resolution through dialogue and diplomacy.

Addressed nuclear safety, food security, and humanitarian concerns.


Russia and China declined to attend, questioning the summit’s effectiveness without their involvement.

 India’s Position

India refrained from signing the final communique, citing the absence of Russia and the need for inclusive dialogue for a sustainable peace solution.

 Global Reaction

Over 80 countries and several international organizations endorsed the communique, reflecting broad international support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and peace efforts.

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