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IRCTC Initiates Ramayana Circuit Train To Bolster Tourism

Following the inauguration of the Ram temple in Ayodhya, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has introduced a meticulously crafted tour program, immersing travelers in the spiritual tapestry woven by the Ramayana.

This pilgrimage journey, inaugurated on February 4, marks a significant milestone in connecting devotees with revered sites associated with Lord Rama’s saga.

Tailored Pilgrimage Experience

The inaugural tour embarked with a group of 122 enthusiastic pilgrims, comprising travelers from the United Kingdom (60), Portugal (52), and India (10). This diverse group embarks on a 19-day odyssey, traversing through sacred locales entwined with the narrative of the Ramayana.

Holistic Itinerary

The pilgrimage itinerary spans across a myriad of iconic destinations, encapsulating the essence of Lord Rama’s legendary expedition. Participants are privileged to visit revered sites such as:

  • Ram Janmabhoomi Temple, Ayodhya: The hallowed grounds where Lord Rama incarnated, now adorned with the majestic Ram temple.
  • Bharat-Hanuman Temple, Nandigram: Paying homage to the profound bond between Lord Rama’s brothers, Bharat and Hanuman.
  • Janaki Mandir, Janakpur: Revering the divine union of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita, the Janaki Mandir stands as a testament to their eternal love.
  • Punaura Dham, Sitamarhi: Tracing the footsteps of Goddess Sita, participants experience the sanctity of Sitamarhi, her maternal ancestral abode.
  • Rameshwar Nath Temple, Buxar: A sacred sanctuary dedicated to Lord Shiva, commemorating his pivotal role in Lord Rama’s journey.
  • Vishwanath Temple, Varanasi: Immersing in the spiritual aura of Varanasi, the Vishwanath Temple venerates Lord Shiva, the eternal consort of Goddess Sita.

Comfort and Convenience

To ensure a seamless and comfortable journey, IRCTC has meticulously curated amenities catering to the diverse needs of travelers. Options include triple and double occupancy in second AC and cabins, as well as a double occupancy coupe option in the Bharat Gaurav Deluxe AC tourist train.

Personalized Pilgrimage

IRCTC’s commitment to facilitating meaningful pilgrimage experiences extends to catering to special requests from groups of tourists. This personalized approach ensures that each pilgrimage is tailored to meet the unique spiritual aspirations of devotees, fostering a deeper connection with the divine.

IRCTC: Guiding Pilgrims on Spiritual Journeys

As the inaugural pilgrimage tour commences its sacred odyssey, IRCTC reaffirms its commitment to facilitating transformative journeys for pilgrims. Through meticulous planning and unwavering dedication, IRCTC continues to serve as a beacon for spiritual seekers, enabling them to embark on profound journeys along the revered Ramayana trail.

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