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ISRO set to Launch PSLV-C54/EOS-06 Mission in November

The Indian Space Research Organization is set to launch PLV-C54/EOS-06 Mission with Oceans-3 and eight nanosatellites on board from Sriharikota spaceport. The PLV-C54/EOS-06 Mission includes EOS-06 (Oceans-3), plus eight nanosatellites which are BhutanSat, ‘Anand’ from Pixxel, Thybolt two numbers from Dhurva Space and Astrocast-four numbers from Spaceflight USA.

ISRO set to Launch PSLV-C54/EOS-06 Mission in November- Key Points

• The Indian Space Agency’s Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre has conducted the Integrated main parachute airdrop test (IMAT).

• The parachute airdrop test was conducted in Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh

• The Gaganyaan deceleration system consists of three main parachutes, besides smaller ACS, pilot, and drogue parachutes.

• Two of the three main chutes are sufficient to land the astronauts on earth, and the third is redundant.

• The IMAT test is the first in a series of integrated parachute airdrop tests planned to simulate different failure conditions of the parachute system.

• The design and development of the parachute-based deceleration system is a joint venture of ISRO and the Defence Research and Development (DRDO).


Vikram S Rocket Launched By ISRO, India's First Privately Developed Rocket_70.1

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