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Japan Commits Rs 12,800 Crore for Diverse Projects in India

In a significant move to bolster India’s infrastructure and innovation landscape, the Japanese government has pledged a substantial loan of 232.209 billion yen (approximately Rs 12,800 crore) to fund nine distinct projects across various sectors in India. This financial assistance marks a notable step in enhancing the strategic and global partnership between India and Japan, a relationship that has been thriving since 1958. The agreement was formalized between Vikas Sheel, Additional Secretary of the Department of Economic Affairs, and Suzuki Hiroshi, the Japanese Ambassador to India.

Key Projects and Objectives

  • North East Road Network Connectivity: Aiming to upgrade infrastructure in India’s northeastern region to boost economic development and connectivity.
  • Innovation and Start-up Promotion in Telangana: Focused on identifying and nurturing entrepreneurial skills, especially among women and the rural populace, alongside supporting the growth of MSMEs.
  • Chennai Peripheral Ring Road Construction: Designed to reduce traffic congestion and enhance connectivity within the southern parts of the state, thereby facilitating smoother transportation.
  • Sustainable Horticulture in Haryana: This initiative seeks to promote environmentally sustainable horticulture practices, ensuring long-term agricultural viability.
  • Climate Response and Ecosystem Enhancement in Rajasthan: Aimed at combating climate change effects and improving ecosystem services in the region for a sustainable future.
  • Tertiary Medical Services in Nagaland: The project focuses on developing a medical college hospital in Nagaland to elevate tertiary level medical services and contribute to universal health coverage.
  • Dedicated Freight Corridor Project – Fifth Tranche: This initiative will support the construction of a new dedicated freight railway system, modernizing the intermodal logistics system to accommodate increased freight traffic efficiently.


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