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Jharkhand Celebrates Hul Diwas

Hul Kranti Diwas is celebrated on June 30 every year to mark the independence movement of 1855 led by tribal heroes Sidho, Kanho, Chand, Bhairav, among others. More than 50,000 tribals from 400 villages of Jharkhand had revolted against British Rule.

About this year Hul Celebration

In Jharkhand, Hul Diwas is being celebrated across the state to remember the sacrifice of tribal leaders Sidhu-Kanhu, Chand-Bhairav, and Phoolo-Jhano. Governor CP Radhakrishnan, Chief Minister Champai Soren, and other dignitaries paid tribute to tribal freedom fighters and remembered their contributions. On this occasion, the main function was organized at Bhognadih in Sahibganj, the birthplace of martyrs Sido-Kanhu and others. Chief Minister Champai Soren and other dignitaries offered garlands to the statues of freedom fighters and inaugurated different schemes worth over three hundred crore rupees. The number of casualties was more than 20,000 in this heroic episode of India’s prolonged struggle for freedom.

Tableau and procession were taken out by the tribal community

Gram Pradhan, Nayaki, Gudit as well as Panchayat representatives from rural areas also arrived to garland the statue of Sidho-Kanhu, Chand-Bhairav ​​located in Sidho-Kanhu Murmu Park of the district headquarters. Tribal women worshipped the statue of Sidho-Kanhu, Chand-Bhairav ​​according to traditional customs. On this occasion, tribal women, men and students took out tableau and procession in the district headquarters. While MLA Dinesh William Marandi garlanded the statue of Sidho-Kanhu in Dumariya, MLA Stephen Marandi garlanded the statue of Sidho-Kanhu in Maheshpur, Pakuriya.

Paid homage by garlanding the statue of the great heroes of Santhal

In the rural areas including Maheshpur, Amrapara, Littipara, Hiranpur, Pakuriya block headquarters of the district, apart from common and special people, representatives of political and social organizations also paid homage by garlanding the statues of Sidhu-Kanhu and Chand-Bhairav.

The Santhal rebellion took place on 30 June 1855

Hul Diwas is celebrated on 30th June in the entire Santhal Pargana division. On 30th June 1855, tribals under the leadership of Sidhu-Kanhu, Chand-Bhairav ​​blew the trumpet of revolution against the British rule and the exploitation of moneylenders. This movement took place in many areas of West Bengal along with Santhal Pargana. This revolution shook the foundation of British rule. Thousands of revolutionaries sacrificed their lives in this movement.


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