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Kashmir Hosts First Formula-4 Car Racing Event Along Dal Lake

The beautiful Dal Lake in Kashmir witnessed an exciting event on March 18. Formula-4 car racing was held for the first time in the region. The sleek racing cars raced along the Boulevard road near the lake, creating a thrilling atmosphere. The Zabarwan Hills provided a stunning backdrop for the event.

Symbol of Progress

The high-speed car race showcased Kashmir’s ability to host world-class sports events. Divisional Commissioner Kashmir, Vijay Kumar Bidhuri, called the event a symbol of the Valley’s advancement. He expressed confidence that such initiatives would improve Kashmir’s image, boost tourism, and stimulate the local economy.

Precedent for Success

The successful inaugural Formula-4 car racing event has set a precedent. It demonstrated that with the right support and infrastructure, Kashmir can host impactful events that contribute to the Valley’s social and economic progress.

Historic Significance

Deputy Director Tourism, Deeba Khalid, highlighted the historic significance of the event. She stressed its potential to draw global attention to Kashmir and boost its tourism prospects. “This is a momentous occasion for the Valley, showcasing our ability to host prestigious international events and attracting visitors from around the world,” Khalid remarked.

Paving the Way

As the roar of engines faded into the evening, the inaugural Formula-4 car racing event left a lasting mark on Kashmir’s sporting landscape. It paved the way for more thrilling events and further cemented the region’s status as an emerging hub for adventure and tourism.

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