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Kevin Mayer resigns as CEO of TikTok

Kevin Mayer resigns as CEO of TikTok_4.1

TikTok CEO, Kevin Mayer has stepped down from the post, amid US pressure for its Chinese owner to sell the popular video app. His resignation follows President Donald Trump’s order to ban TikTok unless its parent company, ByteDance, sells its US operations to an American company within 90 days. U.S. General Manager of Tiktok, Vanessa Pappas will replace him on an interim basis.

Important takeaways for all competitive exams:

  • Tiktok is developed by ByteDance Company.
  • Tiktok founded: 2012.
  • Tiktok founder: Zhang Yiming.

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Kevin Mayer resigns as CEO of TikTok_5.1

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