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Kotak Life Introduces Non-Linked Par Product Kotak G.A.I.N

Private sector life insurer Kotak Life Insurance made headlines with the launch of its latest offering, Kotak G.A.I.N. This non-linked participating product is designed to cater to individuals seeking long-term savings or a steady income stream. With its unique features and flexibility, Kotak G.A.I.N aims to address the diverse financial needs of customers while ensuring robust protection for their loved ones.

Key Features and Options

  • Kotak G.A.I.N sets a minimum annual premium requirement of Rs 50,000, ensuring accessibility for a wide range of investors, regardless of their financial capacity.
  • To avail of the policy, the policyholder must be a minimum of 90 days old at the time of issuance. The policy matures between the ages of 40 to 85 years, providing flexibility and long-term financial planning options.
  • The product offers three distinct options, allowing policyholders to customize their investment strategy according to their preferences and financial goals. These are:
  • Option 1: Policyholders can opt to receive regular income either from the first month of policy issuance for the monthly payout mode or from the first year onwards for the annual payout mode. This flexibility caters to varying income needs and preferences.
  • Option 2: Policyholders have the opportunity to utilize income benefits to purchase additional sum assured throughout the policy term. This additional sum assured can then be received as a lump sum or withdrawn as needed, providing liquidity and flexibility in financial planning.
  • Option 3: Policyholders are entitled to receive cash bonuses at the end of the premium payment term, along with guaranteed loyalty additions (GLAs) payable within the policy. These GLAs can also be utilized to cover the last two years’ premiums, offering added financial security and stability.

Empowering Customers

  • G.A.I.N aims to offer customers a comprehensive solution for long-term income and family protection.
  • G.A.I.N plays a crucial role in helping individuals achieve their financial goals with confidence.

Continued Innovation

In December 2023, Kotak Life Insurance introduced TULIP, a product that combines term insurance with ULIP (Unit Linked Insurance Plan). This hybrid product offers both protection and investment opportunities to policyholders.

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