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LIC To Open New Branch Office In GIFT City


In a strategic move, the Life Insurance Corporation (LIC), often referred to as an insurance behemoth, has taken the decision to open a branch office at GIFT City, the sole operational International Financial Services Centre (IFSC) in the country. This development comes as part of LIC’s ongoing efforts to enhance its global footprint and diversify its offerings.

Board Approval

The decision to establish a presence at GIFT City was formally approved by the Board of LIC during its meeting on Tuesday. The life insurer shared this significant decision through a filing with the stock exchanges, underlining the importance of this move in the evolving landscape of international financial services.

GIFT City: A Hub of Financial Services

GIFT IFSC has emerged as a dynamic hub hosting various financial entities, including insurance and intermediary firms, fintech companies, banks, and other ancillaries. LIC’s move to set up a branch office in this strategic location signifies its intent to leverage the opportunities presented by GIFT City, positioning itself strategically within the financial services ecosystem.

Expanding Overseas Offerings

By establishing a branch office at GIFT City, LIC aims to further expand its overseas offerings. GIFT City is treated as a foreign jurisdiction, allowing LIC to tap into international markets more effectively. This move aligns with LIC’s vision to strengthen its presence globally and explore new avenues for growth and collaboration.

Global Presence of LIC

LIC is no stranger to international markets, as it already maintains a presence in 14 countries through various channels, including branch offices, subsidiaries, and joint ventures. The life insurance giant directly operates through branch offices in Fiji (Suva and Lautoka), Mauritius (Port Louis), and the United Kingdom (Watford). The addition of GIFT City to its global network is a strategic step towards enhancing LIC’s international reach.


  • LIC Expansion: Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) approves the opening of a branch office at GIFT City, India’s only operational International Financial Services Centre (IFSC).
  • GIFT City Hub: LIC positions itself strategically in GIFT IFSC, a thriving hub for various financial entities, including insurance firms, fintech companies, and banks.
  • Global Outreach: LIC aims to expand its overseas offerings by leveraging the foreign jurisdiction status of GIFT City, aligning with its existing presence in 14 countries.
  • Milestone Move: The establishment of a branch at GIFT City marks a significant milestone in LIC’s journey, reinforcing its commitment to global growth and adaptability in the insurance industry.
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