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List of Cricket Stadiums in Assam

Cricket, often regarded as a religion in India, finds its fervent followers in every nook and corner of the country. Assam, known for its rich cultural heritage and scenic landscapes, also boasts a thriving cricketing culture. Let’s delve into the world of cricket stadiums in Assam, where enthusiasts gather to witness exhilarating matches and create lasting memories.

How many Cricket Stadiums in Assam?

Assam boasts a total of 13 cricket stadiums, each contributing to the vibrant cricketing culture of the state. From the renowned Assam Cricket Association Stadium in Guwahati to the historic Jorhat Stadium and the scenic Jubilee Field Ground, these stadiums serve as platforms for both professional matches and grassroots cricket, nurturing talent and fostering the love for the sport across the region.

List of Cricket Stadiums in Assam

Assam, a state in northeastern India, boasts several cricket stadiums including Barsapara Cricket Stadium in Guwahati, Nehru Stadium in Guwahati, and ACA Stadium in Barsapara. These venues serve as hubs for regional and national cricket matches, fostering the sport’s growth in the region.

Here is the complete list of cricket stadiums in Assam:

Cricket Stadiums in Assam
S. No. Cricket Stadium Location
1. Assam Cricket Association Stadium Barsapara, Guwahati
2. Government Boys’ HS School Karimganj
3. Jorhat District Sports Association Ground Jorhat
4. Jorhat Gymkhana Club Club Road, Jorhat
5. Jorhat Stadium Jorhat
6. Jubilee Field Ground Nagaon
7. Judges Field Guwahati
8. National Sports Council of Assam Ground Jorhat
9. Nehru Stadium R.G. Baruah Sports Complex, Guwahati
10. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Stadium Hailakandi
11. Northeast Frontier Railway Stadium Maligaon, Guwahati
12. Nurul Amin Stadium Nagaon
13. Satindra Mohan Dev Stadium Silchar

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How many cricket stadiums are there in Assam?

Assam boasts a total of 13 cricket stadiums spread across various cities and towns in the state.

Which city hosts the renowned Assam Cricket Association Stadium?

The Assam Cricket Association Stadium is located in Barsapara, Guwahati, serving as one of the prominent cricket venues in Assam.

Which stadium serves as the home ground for the Jorhat Gymkhana Club?

The Jorhat Gymkhana Club's home ground is located on Club Road in Jorhat, providing a platform for local cricketing events.

Which stadium is known for its scenic surroundings in Nagaon?

Jubilee Field Ground, located in Nagaon, offers picturesque surroundings, enhancing the cricketing experience for players and spectators alike.

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