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Maharashtra Governor Unveils Maritime History Book: ‘Gateways to the Sea’

On June 22, 2024, a significant literary event took place at Raj Bhavan Mumbai, highlighting the rich maritime heritage of the Mumbai region. The Governor of Maharashtra, Shri Ramesh Bais, released a book titled ‘Gateways to the Sea: Historic Ports and Docks of Mumbai Region’, shedding light on the area’s ancient and modern maritime history.

Book Launch and Felicitation Ceremony

The book launch event was marked by several notable moments:

  • Release: Governor Ramesh Bais officially unveiled the book.
  • Felicitation: The Governor honored the Maritime Mumbai Museum Society (MMMS), 17 authors, and two editors who contributed to the book.
  • Presentation: A detailed presentation of the book was given at Durbar Hall in Raj Bhawan.
  • Collaboration: The event was organized by the Publications Division in partnership with the Asiatic Society.

About the Book

‘Gateways to the Sea’ is a comprehensive work that explores the maritime history of the Mumbai region:

  • Publisher: Publications Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India
  • Compiler: Maritime Mumbai Museum Society (MMMS)
  • Content: 18 articles by renowned authors
  • Focus: Historic ports and docks of the Mumbai region

Historical Coverage

The book provides an in-depth look at various ports and docks, both ancient and modern:

Ancient Ports:

  • Sopara
  • Vasai
  • Versova
  • Mahim
  • Kalyan
  • Thane
  • Panvel
  • Alibag
  • Chaul
  • Mandad
  • Janjira

Modern Ports and Docks:

  • Mazagon Dock
  • Mumbai Port
  • Bombay Dock
  • Sassoon Dock
  • Ferry Wharf (Bhaucha Dhakka)

Contributors and Expertise

The book brings together the knowledge and research of various experts:

  • Historians
  • Researchers
  • Maritime experts
  • Conservation architects
  • Writers

Significance of the Publication

This book serves several important purposes:

  1. Awareness: It creates awareness about ancient ports in the Mumbai region.
  2. Documentation: The book documents the development of modern ports and docks.
  3. Educational Resource: It provides valuable information for history enthusiasts and researchers.
  4. Cultural Heritage: The publication highlights the rich maritime heritage of Mumbai.

Notable Attendees

Several distinguished guests were present at the book launch:

  • Captain KD Bahl, President of the Maritime Mumbai Museum Society
  • Vice Admiral (Retd) Indrasheel Rao
  • Dr. Shefali Shah, Editor
  • Anita Yewale, Vice President
  • Sangeeta Godbole, Deputy Director of Publications Division
  • Contributing writers

Governor’s Address

In his address, Governor Ramesh Bais emphasized the importance of maritime history:

  • He encouraged Mumbai citizens to learn about their ancient maritime heritage.
  • The Governor highlighted the book’s role in preserving and promoting historical knowledge.

Impact and Future Prospects

The release of ‘Gateways to the Sea’ is expected to have a lasting impact:

  1. Historical Research: It may spark further research into Mumbai’s maritime past.
  2. Tourism: The book could boost interest in historical maritime sites around Mumbai.
  3. Educational Value: Schools and universities may incorporate the book into their curriculum.
  4. Cultural Pride: It may instill a sense of pride among Mumbaikars about their city’s rich history.

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