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Maharashtra Unveils Fourth Women’s Policy for Holistic Development

The state of Maharashtra has announced its fourth women’s policy, which aims to promote the holistic development of women. Aditi Tatkare, the Women and Child Development Minister, unveiled this policy on the eve of Women’s Day during the golden jubilee year of the Women’s Economic Development Corporation.

Key Aspects of the Policy

The new policy covers various aspects related to women’s empowerment, such as:

  • Health and nutrition
  • Education and skills development
  • Women’s safety and prevention of violence against women
  • Promoting gender equality
  • Economic and social empowerment of women

Maharashtra Leads the Way

Maharashtra is the first state in India to introduce a women’s policy. The state has previously announced three women’s policies, all aimed at promoting women’s development. Aditi Tatkare expressed confidence that the newly announced fourth policy will promote gender equality and establish a society where women and other gender communities do not have to struggle for their identity and rights.

Honouring Successful Women

During the event, women who have achieved success through self-help groups were honored. Some of the honorees include:

  • Varsha Gorivale from Ratnagiri for seaweed production
  • Lata Jadhav for hydroponic farming
  • Mamta Brahmankar from Gondia for her dairy business
  • Kalpana Limji Mangam from Yavatmal for her work in tribal areas
  • Kaishalya Wadvi from Nandurbar and Varsha Sangle from Chhatrapati of Sambhajinagar for their roles as village Sarpanch

The new women’s policy in Maharashtra focuses on various aspects of women’s development, including health, education, safety, and economic empowerment. The state has been a pioneer in introducing women’s policies, and the fourth policy aims to promote gender equality and create a society where women can thrive without facing challenges to their rights and identity.

Important takeaways for all Competitive Exams

  • Maharashtra Capital: Mumbai;
  • Maharashtra Chief Minister: Eknath Shinde;
  • Maharashtra Governor: Ramesh Bais;
  • Maharashtra Bird: Yellow-footed green pigeon;
  • Maharashtra Fish: Silver Pomfret.

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