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Malta Becomes 119th Country to Join International Solar Alliance

Malta, a small yet significant player in the global arena, recently took a remarkable step towards sustainable energy by joining the International Solar Alliance (ISA). This move underscores the country’s commitment to reducing reliance on non-renewable energy sources and embracing environmentally friendly alternatives.

Malta’s Entry into ISA

Malta’s accession to the ISA marks a significant milestone in the global push towards renewable energy adoption. With this development, Malta becomes the 119th nation to join the alliance, reinforcing the collective effort to combat climate change through solar energy deployment.

The ISA Framework Agreement

On Tuesday, Christopher Cutajar, the Permanent Secretary at the Maltese Foreign Ministry, signed the ISA Framework Agreement. This formal endorsement highlights Malta’s intent to actively participate in promoting solar energy initiatives on the international stage.

Collaborative Efforts

The signing ceremony, held in the presence of Abhishek Singh, Head of Depository and Joint Secretary (Economic Diplomacy) in the national capital, signifies the collaborative spirit underlying the ISA. With over 120 signatory nations, the alliance fosters cooperation in developing and implementing solar energy solutions.

Origins and Objectives of ISA

The International Solar Alliance originated from a joint effort by India and France. It aims to reduce global dependence on fossil fuels by promoting the widespread adoption of solar energy. The alliance prioritizes the development of cost-effective solar solutions to facilitate sustainable growth, particularly in Least Developed Countries (LDCs) and Small Island Developing States (SIDS).

Impact and Significance

Malta’s participation in the ISA not only reinforces its commitment to sustainable development but also contributes to the global endeavor to address climate change. As solar energy emerges as a key component of the transition to cleaner energy sources, Malta’s involvement underscores the importance of international collaboration in tackling environmental challenges.

Important Takeaways to all Competitive exams

  • International Solar Alliance President: R. K. Singh;
  • International Solar Alliance Founders: Narendra Modi, François Hollande;
  • International Solar Alliance Founded: 30 November 2015.

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