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Mera Yuva Bharat (MY Bharat) Portal Surpasses 1.45 Crore Youth Registrations in Three Months

In a monumental achievement, the Mera Yuva Bharat (MY Bharat) portal has garnered over 1.45 crore youth registrations within a remarkable three-month period, attesting to its widespread popularity. Launched by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on October 31, 2023, the platform has swiftly become a crucial driver of youth development and engagement.

Key Features of MY Bharat Portal

  1. User-Friendly Interface: The portal’s success can be attributed to its highly accessible and user-friendly interface, enabling seamless registrations within minutes.

  2. Phygital Platform: MY Bharat innovatively blends physical activities with digital connectivity, reflecting the modern, dynamic nature of the platform. This unique ‘Phygital’ approach distinguishes it as a pioneering initiative.
  3. National Impact: MY Bharat is making significant strides in mobilizing the nation’s youth towards constructive and transformative endeavors, fostering a sense of responsibility and contribution among the younger generation.

Impactful Initiatives and Engagements

  1. Volunteer Opportunities: The portal offers diverse opportunities, events, and volunteering activities, including collaborations with Police, Urban Local Bodies (ULBs), and various Ministries.

  2. National Youth Day Participation: On National Youth Day, January 12, 2024, over 1 lakh volunteers actively collaborated with traffic police nationwide to enhance road safety and traffic management.
  3. Prime Minister’s Recognition: Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi acknowledged the overwhelming response to MY Bharat, emphasizing its status as the largest platform for the twenty-first-century youth of Bharat. The platform’s swift and impactful outreach was highlighted during a conversation with NCC and NSS Volunteers on January 27, 2024.

Future Endeavors and Expansion

  1. Continuous Enhancement: MY Bharat aims to introduce new features and initiatives to amplify its impact continually. This includes expanding offerings in emerging sectors and deepening engagement with educational institutions and youth organizations.

  2. Efficiency Through Convergence: The platform is committed to enhancing efficiency by converging existing programs, optimizing available resources, and leveraging expertise.
  3. Vision for 2047: More than an organization, MY Bharat embodies a visionary approach for India to achieve ‘Viksit Bharat’ by the year 2047, underlining its long-term commitment to the nation’s youth and their holistic development.

Mera Yuva Bharat (MY Bharat) Portal Surpasses 1.45 Crore Youth Registrations in Three Months_4.1

Mera Yuva Bharat (MY Bharat) Portal Surpasses 1.45 Crore Youth Registrations in Three Months_5.1