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Ministry of Culture Initiates Project PARI for the 46th World Heritage Committee Meeting

India, a vibrant center of artistic expression, has a rich history of public art reflecting its cultural and spiritual diversity. Project PARI (Public Art of India), initiated by the Ministry of Culture and executed by Lalit Kala Akademi and the National Gallery of Modern Art, seeks to blend India’s millennia-old artistic heritage with modern themes and techniques.

Project Details

The first intervention of Project PARI is in Delhi, coinciding with the 46th session of the World Heritage Committee from 21-31 July 2024. Over 150 visual artists are creating wall paintings, murals, sculptures, and installations, inspired by various traditional Indian art forms, such as Phad, Thangka, Miniature, Gond, Tanjore, Kalamkari, Alpona, Cheriyal, Pichhwai, Lanjia Saura, Pattachitra, Bani Thani, Warli, Pithora, Aipan, Kerala Murals, and Alpana.

Themes and Inspirations

The project includes sculptures and artworks inspired by nature, Natyashastra, Gandhi, Indian toys, hospitality, ancient knowledge, Naad (Primeval Sound), Harmony of Life, Kalpataru (the divine tree), and World Heritage Sites like Bimbetka and the seven natural World Heritage Sites in India.

Inclusivity and Engagement

Project PARI aims to democratize art by integrating it into public spaces, transforming urban landscapes into accessible galleries. This inclusive approach fosters a shared cultural identity and enhances social cohesion. Women artists play a significant role in the project, highlighting India’s NARI SHAKTI.

Call to Action

Join the celebrations by taking a selfie with a Project PARI creation and sharing your pictures on social media with ProjectPARI.

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