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MP cabinet approves Mob Lynching Victim Compensation Scheme 2023

In a significant move, the Madhya Pradesh (MP) cabinet, under the leadership of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, has given the green light to a series of transformative initiatives aimed at addressing critical issues within the state. These initiatives encompass compensation for mob lynching victims, housing schemes for homeless families, enhanced honorarium for guest faculty, flood relief packages, and the expansion of public services.

Compensation for Mob Lynching Victims

The MP government has taken a strong stance against the menace of mob lynching by introducing the Mob Lynching Victim Compensation Scheme 2023. Under this scheme, families of individuals who fall victim to mob lynching incidents will receive substantial financial support.

Notably, a compensation of Rs 10 lakh will be provided to the kin of the deceased. Furthermore, there will be provisions for compensations ranging from Rs 4 to Rs 6 lakh for the injured in such incidents. It’s important to emphasize that these compensations will encompass all instances of mob lynching, irrespective of the motivations behind the attack, including those driven by factors such as religion, caste, language, or any other reason. Additionally, the scheme specifically addresses mob lynching incidents involving five or more accused individuals.

Recent Mob Lynching Incidents

In light of recent mob attacks in MP’s Khandwa region, including incidents where individuals were assaulted due to carrying meat or for their social media posts, the state government has prioritized addressing this issue. These incidents have underscored the urgency of implementing measures to curb mob violence.

Supreme Court’s Intervention

The Supreme Court of India, in response to growing concerns about mob violence, had inquired about the actions being taken by several states, including Madhya Pradesh, to combat lynching. This highlights the broader national conversation and legal scrutiny surrounding mob violence and the necessity of proactive measures to counter it.

Enhanced Honorarium for Guest Faculty

Recognizing the valuable contribution of guest faculty in the field of education, the cabinet has decided to double the honorarium provided to them. This gesture aims to enhance the financial well-being of guest teachers and acknowledges their role in the state’s education system. Notably, this decision will benefit approximately 4,500 guest teachers across various educational levels.

Revised Honorarium Figures

  • Class One: Increased from Rs 9,000 to Rs 18,000
  • Class Two: Increased from Rs 7,000 to Rs 14,000
  • Class Three: Increased to Rs 10,000 from Rs 5,000

Housing for Homeless Families

In a bid to address the housing needs of homeless families and women, the cabinet has approved the Mukhyamantri Ladli Behna Housing Scheme. This initiative is particularly aimed at assisting those who have not received housing support under the Prime Minister’s housing scheme. The number of beneficiaries will be determined based on the applications received, ensuring that vulnerable populations have access to secure housing.

Flood Relief Package

The cabinet has also taken measures to provide relief to 6,700 families residing in 22 villages affected by floods in regions surrounding the Ken and Betwa rivers. This special package aims to alleviate the challenges faced by flood-affected communities and support their recovery efforts.

Expansion of Public Services

To bolster the state’s education and healthcare sectors, the cabinet has approved the creation of 435 new positions within these departments. Furthermore, the demand for Dynamic Assured Career Progression (DACP) for teachers, medical officers, and doctors associated with the education department has been addressed and approved. These steps signify the government’s commitment to enhancing public services and ensuring a well-supported workforce in critical sectors.

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