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NABARD sanctions Rs 1974 crore to Rajasthan govt

The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) has sanctioned a total amount of Rs 1,974.07 crore to the Rajasthan government under the Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) for the financial year 2023-24.

This substantial funding aims to uplift the living conditions of rural communities and drive economic growth in the region.

1.Rural Drinking Water Supply Projects

A major portion of the sanctioned amount, Rs 930.44 crore, has been earmarked for three crucial rural drinking water supply projects. These projects will be implemented in the districts of Ajmer, Jalore, and Kota, with the objective of providing clean and potable water to households in 2,500 villages. Approximately 2.87 lakh households are expected to benefit from these initiatives, significantly improving access to safe drinking water in the targeted regions.

2.Improvement of Rural Roads

In an effort to enhance connectivity and transportation infrastructure, NABARD has sanctioned Rs 926.48 crore for the construction of 676 rural roads. These roads will primarily be developed in the desert and tribal areas of the state. The improved road network is expected to enhance accessibility and facilitate easier movement of goods and people in 1,229 villages spread across 12 districts.

3.Expansion of Veterinary Healthcare Facilities

Prioritizing the healthcare needs of the rural population, NABARD has already allocated Rs 117.15 crore for the construction of 104 veterinary hospitals and 431 sub-centres. These healthcare facilities will be established in all districts of the state, ensuring that livestock owners and farmers have access to quality veterinary services. This move is likely to boost livestock health and contribute to the overall well-being of rural communities.

4.Micro-Irrigation Support

NABARD is also collaborating with the Rajasthan government to bring 4.28 lakh hectares of agricultural land under micro-irrigation. This endeavor has received financial support amounting to Rs 740 crore from the Micro Irrigation Fund. By adopting modern irrigation techniques, farmers can optimize water usage and improve agricultural productivity, thereby strengthening the rural economy.

5.Infrastructure Development Assistance for Canals

Another crucial infrastructure development project supported by NABARD is the lining of 450 km of earthen canals in the districts of Kota and Bundi. The undertaking has been made possible through a financial assistance of Rs 623.38 crore under NABARD Infrastructure Development Assistance. This initiative is aimed at conserving water resources and ensuring efficient water distribution for irrigation purposes, benefiting farmers and agricultural activities in the region.

About National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD)

The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) serves as the apex regulatory authority responsible for overseeing the functioning of regional rural banks and apex cooperative banks across India. It operates under the Ministry of Finance, Government of India. NABARD’s core responsibilities encompass policy formulation, planning, and implementation of credit facilities for agriculture and various economic endeavors in rural regions of India.

Key takeaways for competitive examinations

  • National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) was founded in: 12 July 1982
  • Chief General Manager of NABARD Rajasthan: Dr. Rajiv Siwach

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