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National Youth Conclave 2023 (NYC 2023) Organized under India’s G20 Presidency

About National Youth Enclave

The National Youth Conclave 2023 is an upcoming event in India that aims to bring together the country’s youth and government leadership. The event is being organized under the aegis of India’s G20 presidency and in conjunction with the Urban20 and Youth20 engagement groups. The objective of the conclave is to provide an opportunity for cross-learning between the youth and government leaders.

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What is Urban20?

The Urban-20 (U20) is a city diplomacy initiative launched during the One Planet Summit in Paris on December 12, 2017. The U20 provides a platform for cities from G20 countries to discuss critical urban development issues, such as climate change, social inclusion, sustainable mobility, and affordable housing, and propose collective solutions. The U20 is convened by C40 Cities (C40) and United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) under the leadership of a rotating Chair city based in the G20 host country. For the U20 2023 Cycle, the City of Ahmedabad held the chair. As the chair city, Ahmedabad will showcase its unique urban development and climate change initiatives, as well as its rich culture and heritage to the participants.

What is Youth20(Y20)?

The Y20 is the official youth engagement group for the G20, which is a forum for the largest and most advanced economies in the world. The Y20 process aims to bring together young leaders from all over the world to discuss and debate global challenges and propose policy recommendations that G20 leaders can implement. These policy recommendations are compiled in a communiqué, which is publicly announced at the Y20 Summit and presented to world leaders as part of the official G20 summit. India recently hosted the Y20 summit for the first time and its key focus was to bring young leaders together from across the globe to discuss ideas and draft an agenda for action. During India’s presidency, the Y20 activities will focus on global youth leadership and partnership. As part of this initiative, there will be Pre-Summits on the five Y20 themes over the next eight months, along with various discussions and seminars at different universities across the country leading up to the final Youth-20 Summit.

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