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New Scorpion Species with 8 Eyes and Legs Found in Thailand

Researchers have made an exciting discovery – a previously unknown scorpion species with 8 eyes and 8 legs in Thailand’s Kaeng Krachan National Park.

The Discovery

During a wildlife expedition in the park, located near the Tenasserim Mountain Range, a team of researchers stumbled upon this new scorpion species hidden under a rock while camping. They studied three adult males and one adult female of this species and published their findings in the journal ZooKeys.

A New Euscorpiops Species

This newly discovered species belongs to the subgenus Euscorpiops and has been named Euscorpiops Krachan, after the national park where it was found.

Features of the New Species

According to the study, the new species exhibits most features of other scorpions in the Euscorpiops subgenus.

  • Very small in size compared to other Euscorpiops species
  • Brownish in color, with females darker than males
  • Possesses 8 eyes and 8 legs

Hunting Behavior

Like other Scorpiops genus scorpions, the new species is believed to employ “ambush or sit-and-wait type of foraging” strategies while hunting.

Limited Distribution

The study found that scorpions in this genus have limited distribution ranges with a high degree of endemism (species found only in a particular area).

Recent Marine Slug Discovery

Earlier, the Zoological Survey of India (ZSI) discovered a new species of marine slug molluscs on the wet and sandy beaches of Odisha and Bengal. This new species, named Melanochlamys Droupadi after President Droupadi Murmu, was found in the low intertidal zones of Digha in West Bengal and Udaypur in Odisha. The discovery of these new species highlights the rich biodiversity in Thailand and India, and the importance of continued exploration and research to uncover and document the diverse life forms on our planet.


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