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Nicaragua’s Sheynnis Palcios Crowned 72nd Miss Universe 2023


Nicaragua’s Sheynnis Palcios, a 23-year-old TV host and model, achieved a significant milestone by being crowned Miss Universe 2023. The 72nd Miss Universe event concluded with a grand ceremony at the Jose Adolfo Pineda Arena in San Salvador, EI Slvador on 18th November 2023.

Miss Universe 2023

Sheynnis Palacios,23 years old, hailing from Nicaragua, clinched the coveted title of Miss Universe 2023, making history as the first Nicaraguan woman to win the crown. A TV host and model, Palacios impressed the judges in the final round by expressing her admiration for 18th-century British philosopher Mary Wollstonecraft, highlighting women’s limitless possibilities. She dedicated her victory to aspiring girls and emphasized dreaming big with determination, perseverance and passion. Palacios, a seasoned pageant competitor, had previously won Miss Teen Nicaragua 2016 and Miss World Nicaragua 2020. She studied mass communications and played varsity volleyball at the Central American University, Managua.

The Winning Moment

The pinnacle of the event was reached when the reigning Miss Universe 2022, R’Bonney Gabriel from the United States, graciously placed the crown on Sheynnis Palacios’ head. The stage lit up with applause and admiration from the thrilled audience as Palacios, resplendent in a meticulously embellished grown, embraced the spotlight, embodying elegance and grace in her triumphant moment.

Runner-Up Recognition

Adding to the international flair of the competition, Anntonia Porslid of Thailand earned the esteemed position of the first runner-up while Australia’s Moraya Wilson was crowned the second runner-up. These placements not only recognized their individual beauty but also contributed to the celebration of global diversity within the Miss Universe pageant.

Global Participation

In the grandeur of the 72nd Miss Universe pageant, contestants hailing from 84 countries and territories competed ardently, showcasing their unique blend of beauty, intelligence and talent. Notably, Pakistan made its debut on the Miss Universe stage this year, underlining the pageant’s commitment to fostering inclusivity and representation on a worldwide scale.

Indian Representation

The vibrant and culturally rich representation of India was carried forward by Chandigarh-born Shweta Sharda, who made the country proud by securing a spot among the top 20 finalists. Sharda’s participation not only added a touch of Indian grace to the global stage but also highlighted the diverse and multifaceted qualities of women worldwide.

Transwomen Contestants in Miss Universe 2023

Rikkie kolle, 22 years old, crowded Miss Netherlands, advocates for equality and trans rights. Marina Machete, a flight attendant, won Miss Portugal 2023, breaking barriers in the history of Miss Universe 2023. Both pioneers have messages of resilience, love and kindness, marking historic inclusion as the first transwomen contestants in the 72nd Miss Universe, promoting diversity and empowerment.

The 72nd Miss Universe Event

The 72nd Miss Universe pageant concluded at the Jose Adolfo Pineda Arena in San Salvador, EI Slvador on 18th November 2023. This event was elevated to greater heights by the dynamic hosting duo of American television personality Jeannie Mai and Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo. Their stage presence, along with the contributions of American television presenter Maria Menounos, ensured that the event was not merely a competition but a grand spectacle that captivated the global audience.

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