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List of Nicknames of Indian River

India, with its rich cultural and geographical diversity, is blessed with an intricate network of rivers that have not only sustained life and civilization for millennia but have also been venerated and celebrated in myths, legends, and daily life. Many of these rivers are affectionately given nicknames that reflect their unique characteristics, the regions they flow through, or their significance to the people. Here’s a look at some of the most prominent Indian rivers and their endearing nicknames.

Importance of Indian Rivers

Indian rivers are vital lifelines, providing water for drinking, irrigation, and industry. They sustain agriculture, which is the backbone of the Indian economy, and support diverse ecosystems. Rivers also hold immense cultural and religious significance, featuring prominently in rituals and festivals. Additionally, they facilitate transportation and hydroelectric power generation, contributing to the country’s overall development and prosperity.

List of Nicknames of Indian Rivers

Indian rivers, revered and essential, carry unique nicknames reflecting their significance, cultural heritage, and the regions they nurture. From the Ganges, known as the Lifeline of India, to the Godavari, the Dakshina Ganga, these names highlight their enduring importance.

Here is the list of nicknames of Indian rivers:

Rivers Name Nicknames
Ghaggar River Dead River
Brahmaputra River Red River
Sharda River Kali River
Umngot River Transparent River
Kosi River Sorrow of Bihar
Mahanadi Sorrow of Odisha
Brahmaputra River Sorrow of Assam
Damodar River Sorrow of West Bengal
Damodar River Sorrow of West Jharkhand
Doni River Sorrow of Karnataka
Son River Sorrow of Madhya Pradesh
Budameru River Sorrow of Andhra Pradesh
Swan River Sorrow of Himachal Pradesh
Godavari River Vridha Ganga (Old Ganga)
Godavari River Dakshina Ganga
Kaveri River Ganges of South India
Kaveri River Ardha Ganga
Luni River Lavanavari (Salty River)
Yamuna River Surya Putra
Koyna River Lifeline of Maharashtra
Narmada River Lifeline of Madhya Pradesh
Mandovi River Lifeline of Goa
Teesta River Lifeline of Sikkim
Periyar River Lifeline of Kerala
Kaveri River Lifeline of Karnataka
Mahanadi River Lifeline of Odisha and Chhattisgarh
Beas River Lifeline of Himachal Pradesh
Godavari River Lifeline of Andhra Pradesh
Kaveri River Lifeline of South India

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