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Operation Ajay set to evacuate Indian nationals from Israel

India has launched Operation Ajay, a dedicated initiative to facilitate the safe return of its citizens from Israel amidst the ongoing developments in the region. External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar announced this operation, emphasizing the government’s commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of Indian nationals abroad.

Key Initiatives and Updates

Special Charter Flights and Arrangements

  • Special charter flights and other arrangements are being organized to bring back Indian citizens from Israel.
  • The Indian Embassy in Israel has initiated contact with registered Indian citizens, starting with the first group, for the special flight. Subsequent flights will follow, and communication will be made accordingly.

24-Hour Helplines and Control Rooms

  • Indian Embassy in Israel

    • Established a 24-hour helpline (972-35226748, 972-543278392, cons1.telaviv@mea.gov.in) for emergency assistance.
    • Constantly working through a 24-hour helpline to aid Indian citizens in Israel.
  • Representative Office of India in Ramallah

    • Set up a 24-hour emergency helpline (970-592916418, rep.ramallah@mea.gov.in) to provide assistance to Indian nationals.
  • Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi

    • A 24-hour Control Room has been established to monitor the situation and assist Indian nationals.
    • They can be reached at toll-free number 1-800-118-797 and phone numbers 91-11 23012113, 91-11-23014104, 91-11-23017905, and 91-9968291988.
    • Additionally, assistance can be sought via email at situationroom@mea.gov.in.

Safety Advisories and Cautionary Measures

  • Indian nationals in the region are urged to stay calm, vigilant, and follow security advisories issued by the authorities.
  • The Ministry of External Affairs is actively monitoring the situation and disseminating relevant information to citizens in real-time.

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