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‘Operation Indravati’ to Evacuate Indian Nationals from Haiti Begins

Operation Indravati

Haiti is facing a severe crisis due to escalating gang violence. Armed gangs have launched attacks in the suburbs of Port-au-Prince, prompting India to launch Operation Indravati to evacuate its nationals to the Dominican Republic. Similarly, the US has airlifted more than 15 Americans to Santo Domingo.

The situation has deteriorated since the 2010 earthquake, with gangs staging attacks, burning police stations, shutting down the airport, and freeing prisoners. Haiti declared an emergency and imposed a curfew. Gang leader Jimmy Cherizier demanded the resignation of acting Prime Minister Ariel Henry, who later announced his intention to step down but remains in power.

Operation IndravatiGangs Unleash Violence in Haiti

  • Armed gangs launch attacks in Port-au-Prince suburbs
  • Gangs burn police stations, shut down airport, storm prisons
  • Thousands of prisoners freed in gang attacks
  • Haiti declares emergency, imposes nighttime curfew
  • Gang leader Jimmy Cherizier demands PM’s resignation

Operation IndravatiIndia and the US Evacuate Nationals

  • India launches “Operation Indravati” to evacuate Indians
  • Indians being evacuated to Dominican Republic
  • US airlifts over 15 Americans to Santo Domingo

Operation IndravatiPolitical Crisis Deepens

  • Acting PM Ariel Henry announces intention to step down
  • Henry does not offer timeframe, remains in power
  • Henry currently exiled in Puerto Rico
  • Jean-Charles Moise forms alliance with former rebel leader Guy Philippe

The article highlights the crisis in Haiti due to gang violence, the evacuation efforts by India and the US, and the political turmoil with the acting Prime Minister’s intention to resign. Key names like Jimmy Cherizier, Ariel Henry, Jean-Charles Moise, and Guy Philippe are also mentioned.

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