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Ordnance Factories Day 2024 in India

Ordnance Factories Day 2024-Date

Ordnance Factories Day is observed every year on March 18th. This year, it falls on a Monday. Ordnance Factories Day is a special day celebrated in India to honour the Indian Ordnance Factories that provide arms and ammunition to the Indian Armed Forces. These factories play a vital role in keeping our country and its people safe.

Ordnance Factories Day 2024-History

During the British rule in India, the British East India Company realized the growing need for arms and ammunition for the British army. In 1775, the Board of Ordnance was formed in Fort William, Kolkata. Later, in 1787, a gunpowder factory was established in Ishapore, and a gun carriage factory was set up in Cossipore, Kolkata (now known as the Gun and Shell Factory).

After India gained independence in 1947, the Ordnance Factories came under the control of the Indian Government. Ordnance Factories Day is celebrated on March 18th to commemorate the day when the Ordnance Factory in Cossipore, Kolkata, was established.

Ordnance Factories Day 2024-Significance

On this day, the Indian Ordnance Factories organize various programs to showcase their achievements. The day also aims to honor the employees of these factories who work tirelessly to serve the nation by providing the best quality arms and ammunition to the Indian Armed Forces.

The Indian Armed Forces guard our borders and ensure that we live a peaceful life, free from harm by enemies of the country. However, to protect us effectively, they need proper weapons and ammunition, which are supplied by the Indian Ordnance Factories. This day recognizes the crucial role these factories play in safeguarding the nation and its people.

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