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Paraguay Joins International Solar Alliance as 100th Member

Paraguay has officially become the 100th full member of the International Solar Alliance (ISA), marking a significant milestone in global solar energy cooperation. The Ambassador of Paraguay, H.E. Mr. Fleming Raul Duarte, handed over the Instrument of Ratification during a meeting in New Delhi with Shri Abhishek Singh, Joint Secretary (ED & MER) and Head of Depository.

Background and Objectives of the ISA

Launched in 2015 during COP21 by India and France, the ISA aims to accelerate global solar energy deployment to support climate action. Headquartered in India, it addresses barriers in technology, finance, and capacity to scale up solar energy globally.

India’s Leadership and Initiatives

Under India’s presidency, the ISA has undertaken impactful projects worldwide, including solarizing infrastructure in Malawi and Fiji, and establishing solar-powered facilities in Seychelles and Kiribati. India promotes sustainable energy solutions through technology transfer, capacity building, and bilateral agreements within the ISA framework.

Global Impact and Future Goals

With “One Sun One World One Grid” as a guiding philosophy, the ISA mobilizes efforts to reduce solar energy costs and aims to attract over USD 1 trillion in investments by 2030. India continues to lead initiatives like the Solar Pumping Programme and Solar Electrification of Health Centres, advancing solar energy adoption in agriculture and healthcare sectors globally.

International Solar Alliance (ISA) : Key points

Objective: Accelerate deployment of solar energy globally to support climate action.

Membership: Currently has 100 member countries, with Paraguay being the 100th member.

Headquarters: Located in Gurugram, Haryana

Philosophy: Guided by “One Sun, One World, One Grid” to promote global solar connectivity.

Initiatives: Focuses on reducing solar energy costs, mobilizing investments, and promoting sustainable energy solutions through technology transfer and capacity building.

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