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Paytm Money launches “India’s first” intelligent messenger called ‘Pops’

Paytm Money launches "India's first" intelligent messenger called 'Pops'_4.1

Paytm Money has introduced “India’s first” intelligent messenger called ‘Pops’. The company has launched ‘Pops’, with which users can receive specific information related to their stocks, analysis about their portfolio, market news, and important market movements in an easy to consume format, all in one place. The platform will also serve as a marketplace to offer sophisticated stock recommendations, news insights, and other services.

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Paytm Money is partnering with InvestorAi to offer stock recommendations based on signals generated using artificial intelligence. Now, with Pops on the Paytm Money app, these investors can monitor their portfolios regularly and learn from the market movements with alerts curated for them.

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  • Paytm Money CEO: Varun Sridhar;
  • Paytm Money Headquarters location: Bengaluru;
  • Paytm Money Founded: 20 September 2017.

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Paytm Money launches "India's first" intelligent messenger called 'Pops'_5.1

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