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Prathamesh Jawkar Signs Off With Silver In The 2023 Archery World Cup


During the 2023 Archery World Cup Final held in Hermosillo, Mexico, Prathamesh Jawkar, the Indian compound archer, embarked on a memorable journey in his first-ever World Cup Final appearance. He clinched a silver medal as Jawkar’s incredible run in the competition concluded with a thrilling face-off against Denmark’s Mathias Fullerton.

Jawkar’s Stunning Victory Over World No. 1

Prathamesh Jawkar, the champion of the Shanghai World Cup, created ripples in the archery world by defeating the world No. 1 and reigning champion, Mike Schloesser, for the second time in just four months.

The Heart-Pounding Final Showdown

In the final, Jawkar and Mathias Fullerton were locked in a fierce battle, with both archers giving it their all. The match ended in a dramatic 148-148 tie, with both archers scoring a perfect 10-10 in the final round. However, it was Fullerton who clinched the gold medal, thanks to the narrowest of margins—a measurement that revealed his arrow was closer to the center.

A Semifinal Masterpiece

Before reaching the final, Prathamesh Jawkar displayed his flawless archery skills in the semifinals. He achieved a perfect score of 150 out of a possible 150 points, narrowly edging out Mike Schloesser by just one point. Jawkar’s victory in the semifinals not only secured his place in the final but also denied Schloesser a hat-trick of World Cup Final titles, adding another feather to the cap of this young Indian archer.

Abhishek Verma’s Bronze Quest

Another Indian archer, Abhishek Verma, also competed at the World Cup Final and had his sights set on a podium finish. However, his hopes were dashed in the bronze medal playoff, where he faced off against Mike Schloesser. In a closely contested match, Schloesser emerged victorious with a score of 150-149, denying Verma a second World Cup Final bronze.

Indian Women’s Compound Archery

While Prathamesh Jawkar and Abhishek Verma showcased their talent on the world stage, the Indian women’s compound archery team faced disappointment. Aditi Swami and Jyothi Surekha Vennam, representing India in the women’s section, were unable to secure medals. Both archers faced defeat in their respective opening round matches, highlighting the challenges faced by the Indian women’s compound archery contingent.

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