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Rashmi Govil to be Next Director (HR) of IOC

Rashmi Govil, a seasoned HR executive with nearly three decades of experience at Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), is poised to step into the role of Director (Human Resources) at the state-owned firm. Her nomination for the position was recommended by the Public Enterprises Selection Board (PESB), highlighting her exceptional qualifications and contributions to the organization.


Govil, currently serving as Executive Director (HRD & ER) at IOC, will succeed Ranjan Kumar Mohapatra. Mohapatra’s request for an 8-month extension was denied in May, paving the way for Govil to assume leadership in the crucial Human Resources domain.

Career Journey

Having joined IOC in 1994, Govil’s journey within the company has spanned nearly three decades. A graduate from Bundelkhand University, she holds an MBA with specialization in HR and a PG Diploma in Finance. Govil’s early career in a refinery environment equipped her with invaluable insights into industrial relations, shaping her understanding of employee dynamics.

Expertise and Contributions

Govil has played a pivotal role in various HR segments, including industrial relations, compensation management, performance management, staffing recruitment, policy formulation, succession planning, systems management, and audit. Her leadership has been instrumental in driving strategic initiatives at the corporate level, contributing to the overall success and growth of IOC.

Key Achievements of Rashmi Govil

Enterprise-Wide SAP Solutions Implementation: Govil spearheaded the roll-out of enterprise-wide SAP solutions in HR, demonstrating her commitment to leveraging technology for organizational efficiency.

Landmark Settlements: She successfully negotiated multiple landmark settlements with collectives, including long-term wage agreements with 25 unions of IOC, showcasing her adept negotiation skills.

COVID-19 Response: During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Govil revisited and revised numerous policies, aligning them with the evolving needs of the workforce and the organization.

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