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Rear Adm Nelson D’Souza Takes Over as Commandant, Military Institute of Technology, Pune

Rear Admiral Nelson D’Souza has taken over as Commandant of Military Institute of Technology (MILIT), Pune from Air Vice Marshal Vivek Blouria. An accomplished alumnus of the Defence Services Staff College, Wellington and Naval War College, Goa, Rear Admiral D’Souza has served in numerous key positions within the Indian Navy since his commissioning in March 1991.

Focus on strengthening MILIT’s academic Programms

Rear Admiral will focus on further strengthening MILIT’s academic programmes and give a push to ongoing efforts at Jointness & Integration in training among tri-services and enhancing collaboration with the industry and academia in field of Niche Technologies. Under the new leadership, MILIT aims to continue nurturing highly skilled techno-warriors officers who would chart the course of armed forces in India into a future-ready force.

Crucial role

MILIT plays a crucial role in preparing officers from the Indian Army, Navy, Air Force, and the Coast Guard, alongside participants from friendly foreign nations. It specializes in the Defence Services Technical Staff Course (DSTSC), aimed at training mid-career officers to assume senior command and staff roles in the future. The transition of leadership is expected to uphold the tradition of excellence and continue the mission of MILIT in enhancing the technical acumen and strategic abilities of military officers, ensuring they are well-equipped to meet the challenges of modern warfare.


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