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SAKHI: The Lifeline for Gaganyaan Crew

 Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC) has developed SAKHI, a revolutionary app aimed at aiding astronauts during the Gaganyaan space flight mission. SAKHI, or Space-borne Assistant and Knowledge Hub for Crew Interaction, offers indispensable support across various critical aspects of the mission.

Technical Assistance

  • Instant Access to Vital Information: SAKHI provides astronauts with digital access to technical documents and training manuals, eliminating the need for cumbersome manual documentation.

Health Monitoring

  • Real-time Health Tracking: The app monitors astronauts’ physical condition by tracking key parameters such as blood pressure, heart rate, and oxygen saturation. It also alerts them about dietary schedules, hydration levels, and sleep patterns, ensuring their well-being throughout the mission.

Mission Management

  • Comprehensive Log Keeping: Astronauts can use SAKHI to maintain a detailed log of the mission, utilizing multiple formats including voice recordings, texts, and images for efficient documentation.


  • Seamless Connection with Earth: SAKHI facilitates continuous communication between the crew, the onboard computer, and ground-based stations, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity with Earth.

Gaganyaan Human Spaceflight Mission Overview

Mission Scope

  • Demonstration of Human Spaceflight Capability: The Gaganyaan mission aims to launch a crew of three members into a Low Earth Orbit for a three-day mission, with a safe return to Earth by landing in Indian sea waters.

Launch Vehicle

  • RatHuman ed Launch Vehicle Mark 3 (LVM3): The mission will utilize LVM3, consisting of solid, liquid, and cryogenic stages, ensuring safe and reliable transportation for the crew.

Project Implementation

  • Role of Human Space Flight Centre: Responsible for coordinating the Indian Human Spaceflight Programme, the centre oversees the implementation of the Gaganyaan project, ensuring its successful execution.

Progress and Costs

  • Achievements and Budget: ISRO has conducted key experiments and tests for the mission, with a projected cost of less than Rs. 10,000 crore.

Astronaut Selection

  • Identification and Selection Process: Four astronaut-designates, all IAF test pilots, have been identified for the mission. The final crew will be selected from among these candidates.

Global Significance

  • India’s Milestone Achievement: Upon successful completion, India will join the elite group of nations—Soviet Union/Russia, United States, and People’s Republic of China—as the fourth nation to conduct independent human spaceflight.

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