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Saudi Arabia’s First Luxury Train ‘Dream of the Desert’ Set to Launch First In The Middle East

Saudi Arabia is preparing to introduce its first luxury train, named the Dream of the Desert. It will be the first luxury train in the Middle East, offering travelers a journey through Saudi Arabia. With its promise of luxury and cultural immersion, this new venture is positioned to become a classic in its own right. Reservations for the train’s first ride will open by late 2024, before its planned launch in 2025.

Exploring the Arabian Landscape

  • The 800-mile journey will begin in Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia, and wind its way northwest toward the border with Jordan.
  • Along the way, passengers will be treated to vistas of the Saudi desert, punctuated by stops at UNESCO World Heritage archaeological sites and cultural landmarks.
  • From the city of Ha’il to the King Salman bin Abdulaziz Royal Natural Reserve, each destination offers a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Saudi culture and history.

Unrivaled Luxury, Saudi Style

  • Dream of the Desert is the result of a partnership between Saudi Arabia Railways (SAR) and the Italian hospitality company Arsenale Group.
  • With 40 custom-designed cars and accommodations for 82 passengers, the train will boast amenities such as a fine dining restaurant, lounge bar, and sleeping quarters.
  • Drawing inspiration from Saudi tradition and style, the train promises to deliver a level of comfort and sophistication.

A Vision for the Future

  • The launch of Dream of the Desert represents more than just a new travel experience—it’s a testament to Saudi Arabia’s commitment to opening its doors to the world.
  • With plans to invest billions in tourism development, the country aims to become a major player in the global travel industry.
  • By tapping into the appeal of luxury train travel, Dream of the Desert aims to attract travelers seeking cultural experiences and luxury.

Embracing the Romance of Travel

  • In an age of mass tourism, luxury train travel offers a respite—a chance to slow down and savor the journey.
  • From the age of train travel to the allure of Agatha Christie mysteries, Dream of the Desert invites passengers to experience the magic of a bygone era.
  • With its blend of elegance, adventure, and cultural immersion, this new luxury train promises to captivate travelers and redefine the art of travel.

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