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SBI Raises Rs 10,000 Crore via 15-Year Infrastructure Bonds at 7.36% Coupon

State Bank of India (SBI) has successfully raised Rs 10,000 crore through its fifth infrastructure bond issuance. The bonds, with a tenure of 15 years and a coupon rate of 7.36% payable annually, garnered significant investor interest, oversubscribed nearly four times the base size of Rs 5,000 crore. The offering received 143 bids from diverse entities including provident funds, pension funds, insurance companies, mutual funds, and corporates.

Investor Response and Utilization of Proceeds

The issuance, rated AAA with a stable outlook, aims to bolster SBI’s long-term resources for funding infrastructure and affordable housing projects. The bank plans to use the proceeds to enhance its infrastructure loan portfolio, which includes significant exposures in sectors such as power, ports, roads, and telecom.

Impact on Regulatory Requirements and Market Dynamics

The infrastructure bonds allow SBI to circumvent regulatory reserve requirements like Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) and Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR), enabling full deployment of the raised amount into lending operations. This issuance also aims to develop a robust long-term bond market and encourage similar offerings by other financial institutions.

Future Plans and Market Outlook

Looking ahead, SBI has already approved plans to raise up to Rs 20,000 crore through long-term bonds in the current fiscal year, aligning with broader government initiatives like the National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP) and National Monetisation Pipeline (NMP). These initiatives aim to accelerate economic growth through substantial investments in key infrastructure sectors.

SBI Raises Rs 10,000 Crore via 15-Year Infrastructure Bonds at 7.36% Coupon_4.1