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Smallest District in Arunachal Pradesh, Know the Name

Nestled within the scenic beauty of the northeastern Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh lies a district that encapsulates the essence of tranquility and natural splendor. Tawang, the smallest district in Arunachal Pradesh, is a hidden gem waiting to be explored by adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Smallest District in Arunachal Pradesh, Name

Nestled in the northeastern reaches of India, Tawang district stands as the smallest among Arunachal Pradesh’s administrative divisions. Home to the Monpa people and steeped in rich historical and cultural heritage, this district offers a tapestry of landscapes, from lofty mountain peaks to serene valleys. With its iconic Tawang Monastery and vibrant festivals, Tawang beckons travelers to explore its tranquil beauty and spiritual sanctity.

Smallest District in Arunachal Pradesh – Historical Significance

Tawang has a rich historical legacy, inhabited by the Monpa people since ancient times. From 500 BC to 600 AD, the area was ruled by the kingdom of Lhomon or Monyul. Tawang Monastery, founded in 1681 by Merak Lama Lodre Gyatso, bears witness to its cultural and spiritual heritage.

Smallest District of Arunachal Pradesh – Geography and Demographics

Occupying an area of 2,172 square kilometers, Tawang district boasts a diverse landscape, with elevations ranging from 6,000 to 22,000 feet. The district’s population, largely comprising the Monpa ethnic group, reflects a unique blend of cultures and languages.

Administrative Divisions of Smallest District in Arunachal Pradesh

Tawang district is divided into three sub-divisions: Tawang, Lumla, and Jang, each with distinct administrative circles. The district encompasses 163 villages, each contributing to its vibrant social fabric.

Arunachal Pradesh’s Smallest District – Economy and Tourism

Agriculture forms the backbone of Tawang’s economy, with yak and sheep rearing prevalent due to its cold climate. The district’s tourism sector flourishes with attractions like Tawang Monastery, Sela Pass, Chumi Gyatse Falls, and Jang Waterfall, drawing visitors from far and wide.

Transportation and Culture of Tawang

Travel to Tawang often entails traversing steep hill roads, offering breathtaking views of the Himalayan landscape. The district’s rich cultural tapestry is adorned with festivals like Losar, Choskar, and Torgya, celebrated with traditional fervor at Tawang Monastery.

Arunachal Pradesh State at a Glance

  • Country: India
  • Formerly known as: North-East Frontier Agency
  • Became a union territory on January 21, 1972
  • Attained statehood on February 20, 1987
  • Capital and largest city: Itanagar
  • Districts: 26
  • Government: Government of Arunachal Pradesh
  • Governor: Kaiwalya Trivikram Parnaik
  • Chief Minister: Pema Khandu (BJP)
  • State Legislature: Unicameral Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly (60 seats)
  • National Parliament representation: 1 Rajya Sabha seat, 2 Lok Sabha seats
  • High Court: Itanagar Bench of Guwahati High Court
  • Total Area: 83,743 km2 (32,333 sq mi), ranked 14th in India
  • Highest elevation (Kangto): 7,060 m (23,160 ft)
  • Lowest elevation: 44 m (144 ft)
  • Population (2011): 1,383,727, with 22.94% urban and 77.06% rural
  • Official Language: English, written in the Latin script
  • Literacy rate (2011): 65.38%, ranked 34th
  • Sex ratio (2021): 997♀/1,000 ♂, ranked 5th in India

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Which is the smallest district in Arunachal Pradesh?

Nestled in the northeastern reaches of India, Tawang district stands as the smallest among Arunachal Pradesh's administrative divisions.

Which is the smallest district in Arunachal Pradesh in terms of Population?

Dibang valley district of Arunachal Pradesh displays the lowest population in the country with a population of 7,948.

How many districts are there in Arunachal Pradesh?

There are 26 districts in Arunachal Pradesh.

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