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Sony Sports ropes in Kartik Aaryan as brand ambassador for football

Sony Sports Network (SSN) has kicked off a new era of football enthusiasm in India by appointing Bollywood heartthrob and Gen Z icon Kartik Aaryan as their official brand ambassador for the beautiful game. This strategic partnership aims to bring football closer to a wider Indian audience and ignite passion for the sport across generations.

A Perfect Match: Kartik’s Passion Meets SSN’s Platform

Aaryan, known for his electrifying performances on screen, is an admitted football fanatic. His love for the sport, rooted in his youth and fueled by unwavering support for Real Madrid, resonates deeply with millions of Indian football enthusiasts. Recognizing this synergy, SSN has chosen Aaryan as the perfect face to champion their extensive football offerings.

Bringing the Game Home: ‘Your Home of Football’ Campaign

SSN kicks off this partnership with the launch of the “Your Home of Football” campaign, featuring Aaryan in five captivating films. These films showcase SSN’s comprehensive football portfolio, encompassing over 900 live matches from prestigious tournaments and leagues:

  • UEFA EURO 2024: Witness the pinnacle of European football as nations clash for continental glory.
  • UEFA Champions League: Experience the magic of club football’s biggest stage, where world-renowned stars shine.
  • UEFA Europa League & Conference League: Follow the rising stars and thrilling encounters that light up Europe’s secondary competitions.
  • UEFA Nations League: See national teams battle for bragging rights and crucial ranking points.
  • Bundesliga: Immerse yourself in the high-octane, attacking football of Germany’s top league.
  • Emirates FA Cup: Witness the underdog stories and historic upsets that define the oldest football competition in the world.
  • Durand Cup & Roshn Saudi League: Explore the vibrant local football scene and discover new stars from India and the Middle East.

Important Questions Related to Exams

1. Why did Sony Sports Network choose Kartik Aaryan as their brand ambassador for football?

Ans. Sony Sports Network selected Kartik Aaryan due to his genuine passion for football, especially his support for Real Madrid. His popularity among the youth and broad appeal make him an ideal choice to connect with a diverse audience and ignite enthusiasm for the sport.

2. What is the main goal of the strategic partnership between Sony Sports Network and Kartik Aaryan?

Ans. The primary objective is to bring football closer to a wider Indian audience and foster a passion for the sport across different generations. By leveraging Kartik Aaryan’s star power and love for football, Sony Sports Network aims to increase engagement and viewership for their football content.

3. Can you provide details about the “Your Home of Football” campaign?

Ans. The “Your Home of Football” campaign is a collaborative effort between Sony Sports Network and Kartik Aaryan. It consists of five captivating films showcasing SSN’s extensive football portfolio, featuring over 900 live matches from prestigious tournaments and leagues, including UEFA EURO 2024, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League & Conference League, UEFA Nations League, Bundesliga, Emirates FA Cup, Durand Cup, and Roshn Saudi League.

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